Towels, Suds & Smiles

Helping the Homeless Stay Clean & Healthy!

One of the biggest challenges among homeless individuals is avoiding sickness. Exposure to the elements, poor nutrition, and lack the necessary items to stay clean.  We provide “clean packs” to aide in the fight to stay healthy. Our “Clean Packs” include – a body towel, wash cloth, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, shower gel, toothpaste, tooth brush and water. We also distribute socks, jackets, combs and brushes as donations and funds allow.

14Did you know?

• If a homeless person has their own towel and toiletries, they can shower at any time of the day at most mission programs and shelters

• Volunteers spend hours distributing clothing, towels, toiletries and smiles to help area homeless stay clean and healthy!


Simply save gently used or new bath towels and wash cloths as well as any unused travel sized toiletries you collect from your hotel stays throughout the year. We will pick them up and distribute them quarterly… including Christmas Morning! Simply send an email to THANK YOU FOR CARING!