Poker Gives

pokergiveslogoPoker Gives is the Poker Fundraising Division of When Charity Works.

Poker Gives was originally founded by poker industry professionals Mike Sexton, Linda Johnson, Jan Fisher, and Lisa Tenner as a way for poker players and the poker industry to give back to worthwhile charity organizations. The mission of Poker Gives is to raise funds through poker events and private donations and distribute them on behalf of the poker world. In 2015, the founders passed the baton to When Charity Works to further the mission.

Money is raised in a variety of ways including private donations from poker players, auctions, poker tournaments, home game fundraisers, and other poker-related activities. Poker Gives will be adding more and more organized opportunities for fundraising and hopes to raise the bar and achieve a higher goal each year. From beginners to professional poker players, anyone may donate a lump sum or can pledge to give a percentage of their annual winnings to Poker Gives. They also can challenge their friends to see who can raise the most money during a designated time-frame. Another way to help us to raise money is by donating items for our auctions or prizes for our events. If you are not able to donate money, but you have a service or skill that you think may be helpful to Poker Gives, we’d love to hear from you. In the past, most of our expensed items have been donated.

Programs under the Poker Gives Division are:

  • Charity Knockout Team Poker Tournament
  • Women in Poker Hall of Fame
  • 3P – Patriot Poker Players
  • Women’s Poker Association