Charity Knockout

The Charity Knockout is most exciting team competition in history. With participation doubling each year, the 2013 Charity Knockout is expected to reach over 1,000 participants. The tournament features both a Knockout team and individual player award system. The top three teams receive team trophies, medals and prize packages. The top 100 finishers will each receive valuable prizes.

The host of the Charity Knockout is Poker Professional Jennifer Harman-Traniello.  In the past, Jennifer has lent her celebrity to raise funds for the National Kidney Foundation and the Nevada SPCA. As of 2012, the Charity Knockout has been redesigned to spotlight any 501c3 charity that is requesting team representation. Tournament proceeds are divided up amongst all participating charities based off of team performance. Celebrities, poker professionals and businesses can all form teams and play for their Nevada 501(c)(3) of choice…  everyone wins!

To visit the Charity Knockout website, click here.